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Save 50%
Bed Sheet  DoubleBed Sheet  Double
ED Bed Sheet Double
1.250 KD 2.500 KD
Bed Sheet  SingleBed Sheet  Single
Save 80%
Cement Block (50x20x20 cm)Cement Block (50x20x20 cm)
ED Cement Block (50x20x20 cm)
0.020 KD 0.100 KD
Save 50%
Concrete Blocks (40x40x40cm)Concrete Blocks (40x40x40cm)
Save 50%
Concrete Blocks (40x40x90cm)Concrete Blocks (40x40x90cm)
Save 36%
Distribution Board (DB)Distribution Board (DB)
Distribution Board (Large)Distribution Board (Large)
Mattress (Size: Single)Mattress (Size: Single)
Orthopedic Bed and Mattress (Double)Orthopedic Bed and Mattress (Double)
Orthopedic Mattress (Size: Single)Orthopedic Mattress (Size: Single)
Save 17%
Portable Cabin Toilet Small (Used)Portable Cabin Toilet Small (Used)
Save 29%
Portable Cabin with Two Toilets (Used)Portable Cabin with Two Toilets (Used)
Save 31%
Portable Cabin Without Toilet (Used)Portable Cabin Without Toilet (Used)
Save 29%
Portable Toilet Cabin (Used)Portable Toilet Cabin (Used)
Power Distribution Board (New)Power Distribution Board (New)
Power Distribution Board (Used)Power Distribution Board (Used)
Save 50%
Security Cabin (Used)Security Cabin (Used)
Save 29%
Steel Cot (Used)Steel Cot (Used)
Save 30%
Steel Cot Bed (New)Steel Cot Bed (New)
Steel Locker (Used)Steel Locker (Used)
Walkway Square TilesWalkway Square Tiles
Water Heater
Water TankWater Tank
ED Water Tank
From 150 KD
Water Tank StructureWater Tank Structure

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