5 Simple Steps to an Eco-Friendly Conference

Creating an eco-friendly event shouldn’t be an option anymore. It’s a must.

Thousands of conferences are held around the world each year, and each one uses significant amounts of energy. Taken together, they produce tons of waste.

According to research from MeetGreen, a three-day conference for 1,000 people creates 5670 kilograms of waste, over half of which will go directly to a landfill.

However, if individuals and organizations start designing conferences with sustainability in mind this number could quickly decline.

So the next time you’re planning a conference, think about making these five simple changes to make it eco-friendly.

Send Digital Invitations for a More Eco-Friendly Conference

If your event is by invitation only, think twice before you send out paper invitations and information packs.

Instead be savvy and go digital. Create an event web page that displays all the details for your eco-friendly conference. Then email attendees their invitations and tickets, and use social media and other online channels for marketing purposes.

Sending digital invitations and marketing online will not only cut down on waste and save trees but will also save on postage costs.

Reusable Name Badges Will Make Your Conference More Eco-Friendly

Name badges are a great way to ensure security and personalize your conference. However, they can also generate waste.

So if you’re planning on providing your delegates with conference badges it’s important that you use biodegradable PVC badges or reusable badges.

Reusable name badges can be used multiple times and are excellent for multi-day events.

Keep Partnerships Local

When it comes to sourcing resources for your conference, try to keep it as local as possible. This is an eco-friendly choice, as it eliminates excessive transportation.

Be sure to include food, drink, presentation supplies, and sponsors. This will not only cut down on excessive transportation but will also help support local businesses.

You could even partner with public transport near the conference venue to offer delegates discounted travel. This will help to cut down the emissions it will take to attend your eco-friendly conference.

Use Solar Power

If you’re planning on using sound, staging, and lighting as part of your conference setup, using solar power would be an eco-friendly choice.

Most sound equipment and LED lighting can easily be run by solar panels. An increasing number of event organizers are now turning to solar energy to power their sustainable events.

Hire an Expert in Eco-Friendly Conferences

To make your event totally green, select a green venue with an event organizer who will take care of everything for you. This can be a big help.

A venue that is sustainably designed can help you save resources such as water and energy. What’s more, they will provide sustainably produced food for the delegates and speakers.


You don’t have to break the bank to put on a green event. It just takes a few minor changes to make a big difference. Additionally, these simple steps will cut the overall cost of your event while helping to save the planet.

And if those aren’t reasons to go eco-friendly now, we don’t know what is!



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